Monday, December 1, 2014

Capricorn T-Shirt on American Apparel Ringer Tee!

Capricorn (Dec 22nd - Jan 19), 10th sign of the Zodiac. A workaholic by nature. Observant, practical, able to chew on obstacles and grind them down to tiny pieces.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Soto Soto Art Astrology T-Shirts available at Celestial Treasures, Miami, Fl

If you live in the Miami vicinity, our Zodiac tees are available at Celestial Treasures in Coconut Grove. If you're a local, mention you saw them here and get 10% off.

Our Astrology Tees on the shelf. 

Aries in the store window display right by a giant Quartz cluster!

Sagittarius T-Shirt on American Apparel Ringer Tee

Sagittarius, 9th sign of the Western Zodiac. Known to stick its hoof in its mouth at times! Restless, pioneering, creative, intellectual and a natural philosopher. I created this whimsical T-Shirt design. Printed on 100% pure cotton and made in the USA by American Apparel.
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Soto Soto Art - Our New Website for Astrology T-Shirts

Our NEW improved website is finally up! Check us out at SotoSotoArt.Com

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Aries!

Hello everyone! This is our design for the 1st sign in the western zodiac, Aries the ram.
Our t-shirts have simple messages that capture the basic essence of the astrological sign.

 Though astute and even analytical, those influenced by the constellation of Aries are known for exhibiting courage and(on occasion) impulsive action. Internally as timid and insecure as everybody else, they seem confident and direct to others. They hone in on their target and charge!

Our T-shirts are printed on unisex American Apparel Ringer Tees and are made of 100% cotton. They are available from our website,

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gemini- Pass it on

The third sign of the western Zodiac, Gemini the “twins”, first brings to mind some notion of duality. But it is also a symbol of replication and variety. This sign is “mutable” in quality. Aries as a “Cardinal” sign belongs to a group that is guarded and cautious (although Aries has its moments of impulsiveness, ironically). Taurus is part of the “Fixed” group of very decisive black or white extremists. “Mutable” signs like Gemini are curious, sometimes highly intellectual, of broad and varying tastes and interests, and very indecisive. This is because to Gemini, variety kills their worst enemy, boredom.

So Gemini is typically all over the place, in mind, opinion, and even direction. Obviously, a sun-Gemini with six planets in Taurus will be more firm and solid. And another with a strong Cancer influence will be more cautious and guarded. But a very Gemini personality is usually outgoing and highly talkative, and values great “conversation”, a gift of the planet Mercury, a celestial body connected to communication, languages, information, education, technology and travel. So many individuals with prominent Gemini planets in their charts have a knack for languages, make good reporters or simply love engaging in idle gossip. Some Gemini folks travel a lot and relocate to another city or country at some point in their lives.

As typical with the Mutable group, they can sometimes appear nervous and even hyperactive, or at least very energetic. Gemini has to be careful not overwork their nervous system. The parts of the body associated with Gemini are the lungs, arms, hands and fingers.
Many of them have a knack for some creative skill, like writing, painting, singing or acting. I've known a few who incorporate images of hands into their artwork.They dress and decorate environments with vivid colors and bold, contrasting patterns with intricate details that demonstrate the "handiwork" of the artisan. So hand-made things really appeal to their eclectic tastes. 

When I made the t-shirt, I wanted to incorporate the third sign's connection to early childhood, when children are best skilled at learning languages and speech in general. Gemini is associated with brothers. So I thought brother and sister was appropriate.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Taurus: "I Shall Not Be Moved!"

Taurus is the second sign of the Western Zodiac. If Aries is a bright eyed newborn, Taurus is an eternal toddler. That 3 year old that grips on tightly to toys and other material things and refuses to let go, at least in a symbolic sense. Aries, having the influence of Mars, can be hasty and sudden. Venus-guided Taurus can be patient and calm and inert as a stone. Yes, a rock. As an earth sign, and a 'fixed' one at that, you become rigid and uncompromising at times. Others will feel restless, nervous or rushed and you remain mostly unfazed. You're a bit Zen Buddhist about the world around you.

You are a lover of material things and comfort. So is everyone else, you say? Consider that person with three or four planets in Sagittarius in their chart who goes off wandering the world searching for knowledge and not caring at all for possessions or money, staying in hostels wearing the same thing three days in a row. That's not the typical Sun-Taurus, unless they have three planets in Sagittarius (or Gemini) themselves. YOU value objects and property. Many Taureans are collectors. Not just of fine crystal or porcelain, some are comic book collectors or fill their homes with knickknacks like souvenirs or teddy-bears, toys, etc… Any sun sign, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, etc, with prominent Taurus planets in their astrological chart will exhibit these qualities of materialism.

The mouth, throat, and neck are areas of stimulation or health issues in this sign. Taurus tends to be picky about the texture of foods. While some have delicate, fairy features like Audrey Hepburn or Michelle Pfeiffer, MOST have bold prominent features like a strong jaw, large mouth or nose. Cher, Barbara Streisand and Salvador Dali are more typical Taurean faces.

While the element of earth does give you some degree of practical sense and keeps you from being as extremely, EXTREMELY EXTREME as Scorpio or Aquarius (also fixed), you too tend to act in a somewhat black or white fashion. You know exactly what things (or people) you love and which ones you don't. You are rarely grey on any matter and are usually VERY decisive. For instance, Pisces or Sagittarius would be more inclined to find things like flavors, colors and styles to be "ok" or  "so-so", or say things like "not sure" and "whatever". You on the other hand either LOVE or dislike flavors, colors, and more serious considerations. You make up your mind very, very quickly. Of course all of this is a simple generalization. A "Taurus" with many planets in Gemini will make the Solar Taurus more flexible and less decisive. Aries planets in their birth chart will give them a certain degree of impulsiveness.

I saw a comment somewhere by an observer that the shirt should have said "Own It" instead. And funny enough I actually thought of that very same one when I was deciding on a saying. But I went with "spend it" because I felt it was a more positive affirmation in times like these of economic uncertainty.